Most industries today can safely regard chemicals as one of the most important elements. Industrial chemicals are available in wide varieties and a number of different forms. While their use benefits the end product greatly, a major cause of concern is their adverse impact on the environment. 

Keeping this in mind, the Chemical Division of Ritman Group has engaged itself in the production and marketing of Eco-friendly specialty chemicals for various industries like Textile, Construction, Leather, Paper to name a few.
Ritman Group has been responsible for introducing many 'first' products in India. Owing to its constant endeavor of introducing environment-friendly technology, it is seen by most as a 'green revolutionary'. By introducing eco-friendly chemicals produced in a state - of - the - art manufacturing facility, it has raised the bar yet again.
We, at Ritman Group, are aware of our responsibilities, both, to the environment and to our customers. Therefore, we provide post-sale services that cater to our end-users. They not only benefit from the expertise of our well-trained technical staff but also from an All-India dealer network. Moreover, we also have an excellent infrastructure that aids us in providing our customers with solutions to their day-to-day problems.